Good morning friends. Today’s weather is pleasant. It looks like it will rain today because I can see dark clouds. Every minute I can hear the thunder of clouds and children crying. Some days back everything was peaceful but BMC people came and destroyed the slums outside our school. The small children were crying. I also felt like helping them but I couldn’t because my legs were tied. While telling all this I forgot to introduce myself, so I am the gate of SMCMPS school.

My job is to protect people inside the school so that thieves can’t enter inside. I don’t even sleep in the night and my job is 24X7 since I am a gate I have to be alert. If I am alert, I can easily change impossible things into possible and I will be doing that to protect my awesome big family.

My job is similar to a soldier because like soldiers protect the country, I also have to protect people inside my compound. So, I have to be alert and courageous to fight with thieves.