The 2nd grade students of Sitaram Mills Compound MPS  had a session called The Magical class as they had a Unit study on Imagination. The students were told to imagine themselves having a Magic Carpet with them. They had to create a story on what would they do if they had a Magic Carpet.

Initially they were shown a video of Aladdin which gave them ideas. The kids shared what they thought about the video and what they wanted to write in their story. Soon it was drafted and edited. The students worked on their errors and tried to improvise it with beautiful illustrations of their carpets.

Two of the students that stood out to me are Sana and Yash. These two children of my class surprised me by their ideas and writing as they are usually unable to pen down their amazing ideas. And  I must say that I’m really contented to see them grow.

Here’s sharing their story with you.

Sana Shaikh:

“It was night and there were several stars in the sky. I am walking on the road at night and the stars were shining in the sky. I go to the park at night with my sister. My sister pushed me and i fell on the magic carpet. I go to the moon and I write about the moon. I take my sister to the clouds. They were happy.”


Yash Mehta:

“It was a dark night. I saw the twinkling stars. I saw moon in the sky. I was in a deep sleep. I got a beautiful dream. I got a magic carpet in the dream. I went and sat on the carpet. I took the carpet home. The carpet started helping me and my mother to cook food. We gave food to the children outside my house. I was feeling happy”