It was a fantastic morning. I was excited and elated because we were going for a field trip. We came to school at 7 o’ clock. We all gave our consent letters to our didi. We went in a fabulous bus. We left at 7.15 am from our school. Our marvellous didis and our helper didi Sanjeevani didi accompanied us. On our way we saw people gardening, it was raining when we were in the bus. We faced an obstruction because the other bus was late and we would be late because of them.I was really bored but also anxious to get to the park. We were going to the fabulous Smart Eco park.I could smell the mud because it had rained, I could hear the sound of goats and other amazing animals. I saw a goat eating leaves and it looked so adorable.
There were several activities like rain water harvesting,a video on Dr.Dioxide,life cycle of a butterfly,Amazonian rain forest,maze,we had to create an eco city out of scrap ,how to make dirty water clean,we had to divide the cards in three parts filter,purifier and contamination. There was an immersion bridge and a tractor ride.I liked the Amazonian rain forest and life cycle of a butterfly the most because they were fun and interesting.I learnt to not harm our nature but preserve it and not take away some one’s life.

We all got food at the end.My journey was hectic. I was exhausted when we were going back home. I am fortunate to get an awesome opportunity to visit the Smart Eco park where we learnt so many new things. It was an awesome experience.