In this English unit, the students of grade 3 are exploring the qualities of a hero, and how there are heroes all around us – people who have imbibed values such as empathy, grit, courage and kindness.
In this activity, the students first shared who their personal heroes and how they showcased the given qualities, and the notes them down.
One of the students, Arya, was able to identify how her heroes exhibited his/her qualities, and articulated it very well in her worksheet.


One day my brother wanted help to make a project. My wonderful father made a super nice flower pot. My brother took it to school. His teacher was very happy. The teacher said it’s very nice.
One day there was sports day and my sister was running. She fell down. She got hurt on one leg but she didn’t cry. There was blood on her leg. She tried and became the winner. She got a fantastic medal.
One day my brother was playing football in the dark. We all were saying don’t go. He didn’t listen to us and went anyway. He was brave and went to the dark to play football.
– Arya Bhoir