Bias in society
A few years ago, girls were regarded as goddess Laxmi in their houses but now female infanticide has started taking place. Also it is being said that girls should not go to school but should only do household chores.

My brother is being sent to private school and I as a girl to a government school.Also boys are getting more quantity of food but girls are getting less quantity of food.I think this is wrong .Why are they discriminating against girls? Even girls are human beings.

In some countries, government has said that people can have only one child.If you will have a son, you will get land free. But if you have a daughter,you will get nothing.So some people started becoming greedy and also started killing their girls.

Also when Gandhiji was travelling by train in South Africa, he was pushed out of the train by South African people because of his complexion.They pushed him out of the train even though he had the ticket.

In my opinion, girls  should also study rather than doing home chores. I also think girls too have the right to education.For me, boys are the stars and girls are the moon because they make the whole world bright. We all as adults should live equally and happily.We should change our mindset and curb bias in our society.

Riya Bodke