In this unit, the students of grade 3 are learning all about water – how much of it we have in our bodies, why living things need water, what are the properties of water, and its three states.

In this lesson, the students worked in groups to describe water using their five sense organs. There were five stations created, with cups of water that the students had to experience using the given sense organ. Then, the students recorded and shared their observations with the entire class using guiding questions – what does water look like, what does water taste like, what does water smell like, etc.

The class as a whole showed remarkable teamwork, self control and helpfulness. The students transitioned smoothly from each station to the next after their group had finished recording observations, and students who finished writing their observations first were seen helping the ones who hadn’t written yet.

By the end of the activity, each student had visited every station and gotten a hands on experience of how they perceive water through each sense organ.