Didi had divided us into groups housewise and had given topics to us to discuss for On the spot writing. We were given the topic ‘mother’. Naidu house brainstormed on this topic and this is what we came up with……

Mother  is a very special word for us because when we say that word we feel calm ,for one second we ignore our whole problems in our life. We feel our teachers also are same as our mother. The word mother means.. M-she motivates us , O-tells us to always be optimistic,T-tells us to always be truthful and try and try again in our life,H-always be honest and helpful,E-always be enthusiastic before doing something and the last but not the least,R-tells us to always be ready for everything.These are the sentences which our mother always tells us. Mother is our earth,our heart whom we will never ever forget in our life. Can you imagine a world without a mother?                        -Nirjala

The whole word mother is special for us.It tells us everything. M- from mother gives us motivation. O- from mother tells to always be optimistic. T- from mother tells us to be truthful. H- from mother tells us to be helpful. E- from mother tells us to always be enthusiastic and the last but not the least R- from mother tells us to be ready for everything we face in our life. Now did you understand why the word mother is so special for us. I think that every mother is the world for their child. She stays so close with us. She stays in our heart, closer than everything else. She will never do the thing that will be harmful for us. That’s why I think mothers are so special .                                           -Rutuja