A friend is someone who gives us the total freedom to be ourself. A friend to me is more precious than diamonds. He is with us in times of difficulties as well as happiness. He is the water to my seed and the root to my tree, holding me up strong. He is the sword to a warrior that saves him in war.


‘Friend’ to me is the true love that we get from our own respectful friends and never from others. When we hear the word friend, we can’t stop but start to imagine about them.friends are those who are always with us and help us face all the problems to save our life. Being a friend is not too easy. To become one, we have to be kind and empathetic.


When we go to the market we find that the vegetables are too expensive, but a friend is the most expensive thing that no one can buy. Even if money gets lost, we can get it back. However, finding a friend who is lost is very difficult. We can’t find them no matter how hard we look.


For me, my friend is a chameleon. The way a chameleon changes its colour, my friend changes my colour and mood when I am upset. He is my protector.