The students of Grade 2 are learning about ‘Water’ and one of the topics is ‘How to save Water?’ This lesson began by brainstorming with the children ‘Why is this topic so important?’ and ‘What are the various questions that come to your mind?’

Firstly we decided to make charts to create awareness in our neighborhood. And we began with listing down questions which should be addressed. 3 groups selected a question they wanted to work on and started making a rough chart layout in their notebooks. They were shown a few sample posters before the activity for some ideas. To this, they shared their brilliant ideas with the class which included a dialogue between 2 drops of water, a flowing tap and the different ways water is wasted and so on. I was really amazed by their ideas. After this they started creating the same on the charts by dividing their work in the group. I could see an essence of teamwork among them as they worked together as a group to make the best chart and this really showed how they are learning values in the smallest of ways. It was really a sight to watch in the class.

The students created amazing colorful charts. There are a few pictures I would like to share with you while the activity went on in the class.

Group 1 – Why should we save water?


The above chart is made by Vedika, Atharva, Manthan, Ritika, Samiksha, Sana and Omkar (from left to right). In the center there is a globe and a tap is attached to it. Around it there are droplets to water which shows how to save water.

Group 2 – Save water!


The above chart is made by Sakshi, Swakshari, Samarth, Shravan, Shravani, Bhavika and Amit (from left to right). The circle in the water represents water and they have illustrated what will happen if there is no water.

Group 3 – Why can’t we use water carefully?


This chart is made by Runali,Abhishek, Jagruti, Kartiki, Nitish, Ayush, Sonika and Aishwarya (from left to right). In this chart there are 2 water droplets having a conversation about saving water.

This is how the class looked during chart making.