Do you know who am I? The staff and students respect me ,I take care of the entire school.I do lots of hardwork and help everyone. I am a principal! A principal is a person who takes care of students,takes the students to wonderful field trips and picnics and also conducts meetings and talks well about students.As a principal I will show gratitude and grit and I will dress up amazingly. I will wear a bright suit,a black pant and a green tie .Our school will store books for children to read and fantastic toys for small childrento play with.

Some issues that the school would face would be lack of water, as a school we can overcome this problem by the children using water from their bottles and saving as much water as possible. Sometimes our classes are locked then to overcome it we have to adjust by sitting in other classes or even on the ground or corridors sometimes.

I would be privileged to be a principal of our school so that I can help children and all the people working in the school.