An experiment on Water Cycle in a Zip Lock bag.
At 2nd Grade we love learning from experiments. This time it was about the water cycle we just studied about.


There was some hot water collected in the bag and in a few minutes the kids observed steam formed at the sides of the bag moving upwards.


They explained water vapour was formed by the hot water. A process called evaporation took place in which water changes to water vapour. Each and every child was amused and agreed to the changes taking place. After a few minutes we observed water trickling by the sides of the bag. Watching this a kid answered that the steam had changed to water again. This is called condensation shouted out a kid in the class.img_20161004_120427

All the kids had a graphic organizer in their book which they filled as they observed what they saw. This showed they clearly understood what a water cycle looks in reality.