Shaheen didi’s class with us felt like we had gotten a very huge opportunity to be taught by the founder of Akanksha. I was feeling so privileged …it was overwhelming .I was feeling very excited and curious when I heard that Shaheen didi has chosen our class and our school from all the others.I don’t know how she felt teaching us but her eyes were speaking – they were filled with all the happiness.We learnt many different things and got extra knowledge. She taught us a beautiful song “This little light of mine”and the purpose of education to solve the worlds problem and she also taught us how we could feel,imagine,do and share to solve an issue. I was feeling very nervous to answer or ask anything as I feel that way with strangers.She was very polite,confident,passionate… there were several qualities inside her…uncountable.I was thinking that I am very thankful to her and I am very fortunate that whatever I am right now is just because of her.I got an excellent education,language and knowledge just because of her if she didn’t start Akanksha we would be nowhere today.How would we get the opportunity to meet wonderful didis and bhaiyas. I really want to thank her deep from my heart for giving us such a great and huge opportunity ❤️❤️❤️