Grade 6 was first made to see a video of who are the true heroes of our nation and then they did a writing piece on the same…. Here is what stood out 

Do you know who are our heroes ? What do you know about them ? Are they like you ,us, the actors or are they like the tycoons . What do you think ? For me they are like my parents and God who protect us . They are not like the actors who we call the heroes they are not similar to any of us they get injured themself , they have minimum resources despite having all these problems they keep smiling , they help us and they do not argue with us. For all these obstacles which they face still they protect us , sacrifice their life for us and for the entire nation . Can you guess who they are ? Yes yes they are our solders who I call the SUPER HEROES! Do any of you know how difficult it would be for them to leave their family and stand on the boder to protect us just for our safety . I pray to god that in all the worse which is happening our super heroes should not face any of the problems . They also get a chance to meet their family and enjoy their time them selfless with them.                       -Snehal
According to me the word heroes means who saves us from all the problems which were coming .Heroes are those people who have agony ,minimum resources and injuries but despite these plights they are fighting for us and for our India .Heroes are who are always saving others but the problems coming still they have a smile on their face. Heroes are those people who don’t look or think before you do something they only sacrifice their life for their Mother India. Heroes are those people who are awake in the night so that there is no problem and because of them we are fulfilling our sleep, can walk freely on the street without having any fear. The army men are far away from their families and friends. Despite getting injured or fractured they only fight against the adversities. What will happen if there are no heroes like this? Who will fight for our country? I hope and I pray to god that our heroes are safe and secure. I pray that nothing should happen to them and soon everything will be fine and they can meet their family and live with them peacefully.                                           -Sneha