What started off with our students visiting Jai Vakeel to understand their issues better , followed by a Christmas funfair where our children manned the stalls and interacted with the special needs kids from Jai Vakeel, has now grown to the kids themselves taking the lead to raise funds for those less fortunate than them. The kids have taken it upon themselves to sensitize all those around them by creating awareness about disabilities in their community, starting with their parents. They spoke about these issues at the parents meeting, spreading the love, understanding and awareness further. This year the children raised a substantial amount by selling hand painted diyas in our neighbourhood and putting up a ‘ Canteen Day’ , where our student council students prepared 4 dishes which they eagerly sold to the parents of our school, along with the other organisations that run out of our premises – the response we received was overwhelming! In fact this year, a few of our SMC parents took the initiative and visited Jai Vakeel along with our students. What better way to teach children the essential values of empathy and gratitude than to give them the opportunity to experience it themselves. They have expressed their feelings of gratitude for simply being ‘normal’, something they had for so long taken for granted. The ripple effect of this collaboration has also instilled a sense of self confidence in the children, showing them that they too can lend a helping hand to make a difference, in addition to a drastic decrease in bullying incidents in school, along with a lot more love and care for each other.