Our Grade 4 children went for a field trip to Kidzania. We left early in the morning and the kids were dancing with excitement. On reaching there, the kids were given Kidzania currency which they had to multiply by doing jobs of their choice.
All the children actively participated in the activities.Some kids became masterchefs and tried their hand at making pizzas and fancy desserts while others became doctors and learnt about the organs in the body. A few children became journalists and printed their own newspapers and the others became store managers of a departmental store. Some learnt how to drive a car while others became models and walked the ramp. A few chose to become firemen and doused a fire while the others tried their hand at painting.
The  kids were feeling exhilarated at the idea of earning money by doing simple things which could turn into their career choice someday. It taught them to be independent and make their choices. They had fun while learning so much. All in all it was a wonderful experience for all of them.