A few words to all our little champions , with lots of love from Didi…

You all have certainly made us proud by winning the Mumbai Championship as well as the National Runner’s Up, but honestly what I witnessed beyond the trophies filled me with even more pride.

I felt so proud when you so spontaneously displayed empathy for the losing side by comforting them with a genuine hug.

I felt so proud of the way you took ownership, both on and off the field as you looked after each other with so much care.

I felt so proud to see you play fair despite the fact that others around you weren’t.

I felt so proud to see you communicate with each other in the manner that you did – motivating and pushing each other ..and that too almost always in English:)

I felt so proud of the way you handled defeat by snapping out of it and taking it in your stride and moving on with a smile.

I felt so proud to see the way you cheered and encouraged your friends displaying immense teamwork at all times.

I felt so proud to see you showing respect to your teachers and everyone around.

I felt so proud to see your parents show up in large numbers and supporting and guiding you every step of the way.

And last but not the least I was very touched with all your love and concern for me at all times.

What I experienced over those two days made me believe that the effort that all of us at Akanksha are putting in is worth it as it reiterated my hope that you will grow up to be compassionate,responsible & wonderful adults.