I was in a class with 36 kids around me who were deeply involved in their task of the day. Suddenly one boy who has low self esteem and who is newly joined in the running academy year came towards me with his charming smile. I wondered what was the matter,but before I could approach he pointed his A3 size drawing sheet. I was just amazed to see his cityscape was a jumble of shapes,like a child had cast blocks down randomly and then swept them so wide and free. Lights glittered everywhere just like stars dropping to the earth,huge and small buildings collided in a mixture of shadow and geometry.

The ground below was alive with lights,like someone had taken a handful of glitter and thrown it as far as the eye could see. A breath taking marvellous,almost frightened dream that made me feel like some fake,unlucky living thing.

I slowly held my head up and showed my thumb to him and said only two words “Good Job”. The boy burst into joyful expression and that made me feel that I made his day and he made mine 🙂