In one of our morning meetings the quote ‘Honesty is the best policy’ was introduced.

The students after grasping the meaning of the quote shared their responses on ‘Why is being honest important?’

Here are three of the responses which I would like to share with you from Swakshari, Samiksha & Omkar

By Swakshari.

1. You say the truth, others will say it too.

2. There is no reason to say lies.

3. If you be honest, everyone will be honest with you.

4. If you say the truth everyone will be your friend.

5. If you say the truth, you will not be in trouble. 

By Samiksha.

We have to say the truth because if I say the truth then other children will day the truth. If we do not say the truth everything will go wrong. If all the children will day the truth then all people will be kind to them. 

By Omkar.

When we will be honest then all the children will be friends with us. When we do anything wrong then we will say sorry and that man will think that he is an honest boy.