Taking inspiration from grade 3… we the eager beavers from grade 6 decided to take this objective to another level! 

  • Kids were shown images on the tab of different types of restaurants 
  • . E.g. Diner, canteen, cafe, fast food joints and fine dining 
  • We discussed the designs of each 
  • Also the pros and cons of each 

They then selected to be the owner of a particular type and wrote an essay on it..

This one stood out….

There are fresh and healthy foods .If you are very used to your home food you are most welcome here where your every need will be fulfilled . There will be neat and clean tables and chairs but especially spongy chairs and l assure you there will be no complaints from you. alt will be a full setup before you come . There will be magnificent mouth watering food . There will be a chef who will serve the scrumptious food in front of you. There will be different types of food like ltanlian ,Asian ,lndian ,etc. There will be no stinky tillers . lt has glass doors ,sturdy tables and a chandelier. Can you  guess what can it be ?yes it is soo’s restaurant . In this restaurant everything will be very organised .

Everything was going smoothly but one day one man came to my restaurant who was looking very wealthy. He came with his family to my restaurant. He was ordering Turkish food which only one chef in my restaurant can make because he is skilled in that and he was on a holiday . I was very depressed that now what will I serve him being a special guest of my restaurant . I cannot allow him to go away without eating our food so I made Indian food and gave it to him. I was very frightened to give him Indian food because he was looking for something foreign to eat . I tried to contact that chef but his phone was switched off . Then I hesitated and gave it to him and luckily he liked our food . I was very shocked and astonished than a foreign man liked Indian food which he is not used to . He was very fascinated by my food and being a very rich man he published my restaurant on social media . And from that day my restaurant was the best from everyone . My name also became famous like Pooja Dhingra. 

My restaurant became popular and everyone came to my restaurant restaurant . My restaurant was filled with customers . Now I realised what the taste ,the smell of Indian food is. This Indian food established my restaurant . I am very proud of myself that I am an Indian girl.