Grade 7 was given an essay topic of my favourite season… monsoon seemed to be the class favourite and here is the one written by Sneha that stood out completely…

“I am going to tell you  about my favourite season . When the season comes the first time there is fresh air moving from everyone’s homes .There is the smell of the ground the rainwater hits the dried land and chills it up and makes it wet. I love the smell of that when it comes and I had experienced it many times in my day to day life. I always look forward for that season because in that season I like to do many things like get completely wet in the rain and have lots of fun by eating the delicious and mouth watering fruits. When we are in our house on the windows there are water droplets. In this season most of the time it is flooded. The sky looks gloomy like the clouds start becoming angry and becomes black in colour . When this happens sometimes I feel the clouds are playing hide and seek . When the water hits the ground it’s smell is as fragrant as a perfume . I have experienced that when there is rain and sun at the same time a rainbow starts to appear and it is very rare. Can you guess what can it be?Yes !It is our monsoon season .

One day it was raining and I was not feeling like going to school but unfortunately I have to go so I got ready for school and went and when I reached I heard that school is closed for two days . I was so thrilled and pleased to listen to that. I thought the rain is also on my side . So I went back to my house  and changed my clothes and came outside. I went into the garden to play and I saw a beautiful butterfly was flying in his own dream and suddenly it got stuck in a spider’s web . The butterfly was trying to come out but he didn’t succeed and in a while a spider came to attack the butterfly. If I didn’t go to save the butterfly he would have eaten the butterfly but till then the rain started coming heavily. By the help of rain the spider fell down the web and butterfly ‘s wings got free and it flew in the air again. This is the thing which stood out for me during the rain because it helps ‘everyone by saving their lives , growing crops, for helping plants to grow also.

That’s why monsoon season is my favourite season . I and rain are like friends, who meet in some particular months, and it comes once a year. So I miss my friend and look forward to meet him that when will he come? so that I can play with him. Do you also feel the rain from your bottom of your heart? Try to listen what he is saying by thunder and lightning.