Grade 7

We were divided into houses and each given a topic for on the spot writing. We brainstormed with our fellow house members and came up with deep connections with the particular topic!



According to me space symbolises unity in which every planet, stars and other galaxies are collaborating to form the universe of unity. It also symbolises that the song “this little light of mine” is like the unity of stars, sun and moon and let’s it shine on in space. It is like a bulb which lights up the room. Actually space is a darkness of life. There is darkness in life but the stars and moon kill that darkness. So I decided after observing space I would unite among my classmates and met my light shine onto the whole world.

– Kailash



Everyday the sunrises and spreads its illumination to the world. The moment there’s sunrise there’s a new morning for all of us, a new lifestyle starts. Let your ideas and thoughts shine and exaggerate like the sunrises light. When we have any obstacles in our life we come up with solutions and let the darkness go and brightness enter. Because of sunrise there is light which helps living things live like how the flower blooms and opens every new morning similarly we should try and make life thrilling by spreading our values.

– Nirjala



Ocean symbolises to me that it is kind and compasssionate by giving shelter to the fish so that hey can live peacefully and jubilantly. So I think we should be kind and comapsssionate to the people who need help. Like how the ocean is deep and wide like that the love for our parents and our family is same and it is infinite. The ocean does not stop, it keeps on moving like that we should keep spreading our love and happiness. Even though the ocean is provoked by people throwing garbage and polluting him, he does not punish. So let us all come together to respect and in turn receive respect!

– Supriya & Sneha